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Information Retrieval (IR)


There are a number of online books that discuss the foundations of IR

The book is freely avaliable for online viewing and printing at

-Database Systems: Models, Languages, Design, AND Application Programming

Author: Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe
ISBN-10: 0131489062
ISBN-13: 9780131489066
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: ©2011  |  Addison-Wesley
Table of Contents
Summary: This book, through its clear and precise writing style, provides comprehensive guidelines for students who want to learn object-oriented analysis and design. The newcomers to OOA/D can learn throughout this book how to “think in objects”. In this context, the book presents three iterations of each cohesive case study, and introduces the requirements, OOA/D activities, principles, and patterns.
Book page @ Pearson: You can read the book using Google Reader. The link here is for the 2nd edition. Third edition might be provided soon.

My Project:

Some of the proposed User Interfaces (UI) in the project are shown below ...




Standard Templates used in this project can be downloaded from here

My Summaries:

Summary Doc. 1 This document includes a summary of chapters 1 to 5 from Larman's Book in 7 pages !
Summary Doc. 2 This document includes a summary of chapters 6 to 11 from Larman's Book in only 4 pages !
Summary Doc. 3 This document includes a summary of chapters 12 and 13 from Larman's Book in only 2 pages !
Summary Doc. 4 This document includes a summary of chapters 14 to 15 from Larman's Book in only 2 pages !
Summary Doc. 5

Important! This document includes a summary of chapters 17,18,25 and 26 from Larman's Book. The chapters are combined together according to the following points:
- Responsibilities and RDD
- Patterns and how they can be used in OOD
- GRASP Patterns
- GOF Patterns
Hurray! Only 11 pages for this important part!

Summary Doc. 6 This document includes a summary of chapter 19 from Larman's Book in only one page !
Summary Doc. 7 This document includes a quick summary of chapters 20 to 24 from Larman's Book in only 2 pages !
Summary Doc. 8 This document includes a quick summary of chapters 27 up to 32 from Larman's Book in only 2 pages !
Summary Doc. 9 This document includes a summary of chapters 33 to 34 from Larman's Book in less than 2 pages !

Book Slides:

Ch.1 Introduction Ch.17 GRASP: Designing Objects with Responsibilities
Ch.2 Iterative, Evolutionary, and Agile Ch.18 Object Design Examples with GRASP
Ch.3 Case Studies Ch.19 Designing for Visibility
Ch.4 Inception is Not the Requirements Phase Ch.20 Mapping Designs to Code.
Ch.5 Evolutionary Requirements Ch.21 Test-Driven Development and Refactoring.
Ch.6 Use Cases Ch.23+24 Quick Analysis Update + Iteration 2-More Patterns
Ch.7 Other Requirements Ch.25 GRASP: More Objects with Responsibilities
Ch.8 Iteration 1-Basics Ch.26 Applying GoF Design Patterns
Ch.9 Domain Models. Ch.27 Iteration 3-Intermediate Topics
Ch.10 System Sequence Diagrams Ch.28 UML Activity Diagrams and Modeling
Ch.11 Operation Contracts Ch.29 UML State Machine Diagrams and Modeling
Ch.12 Requirements to Design-Iteratively Ch.30 Relating Use Cases
Ch.13 Logical Architecture and UML Package Diagrams Ch.31 More SSDs and Contracts
Ch.14 On to Object Design Ch.32 Domain Model Refinement
Ch.15 UML Interaction Diagrams. Ch.33 Architectural Analysis
Ch.16 UML Class Diagrams. Ch.34 Logical Architecture Refinement

Important Links:
1) - Open Source Software Engineering Tools
2) CMMI - CMU Software Engineering Institute

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