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University of Technology Malaysia

UTM (Johor), the fantastic and splendid university.. It's my feeling about this place wherein the mosque has been built on the top of a middle hill and it's surrounded by the faculties, colleges and hostels. Here is a photo from Google Earth

Here are several photos from my studying place.. Enjoy :)

The way to UTM

UTM entrance

UTM mousque from the hill side

UTM Lake - right side from the entrance

UTM mousque - from the lake side


University of Oxford
I have spent some time during my PhD studies at the University of Oxford; the oldest university in the English speaking world and one of the renowned world-class universities.

Bodleian library - Kate street (I walked through it every day)

Computing laboratory entrance

Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC) entrance

My office

Oxford University Computing Serivces (OUCS) - I took training courses here

Wolfson building at Parks road - ComLab

typewriter used in Oxford Computing Laboratory in 1957-1963

Keble college

Dining hall @ Keble college

Magdalene college

Magdalene new college

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