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28 Oct 2013:

27 Oct 2013:

20 Oct 2013:


20 May 2013:

  • Data Mining Final Exam:

    • Fill in the blanks-> You'll be asked to write CONCEPTS ONLY in certain statements (NO definitions, NO enumerations, NO narrations, etc.)

    • Final Exam will include MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Draw and Exercises on DM algorithms.

    • There is a little change in the marks distribution in data mining (Final exam will be 50 marks).

  • على الطالبة نهى جزاء العتيبي مراسلتي عن طريق الإيميل بخصوص مشروع مقرر اختياري!

14 May 2013:

  •   Quizzes and answer models are uplaoded to the courses' websites. I have not finished marking quizzes. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TO ASK ABOUT YOUR MARK; I will anounce all coursework marks on the website.

  • Data Mining: 
    • First draft returned to you: Friday 17th May 2013
    • Second draft due : Saturday 25th May 2013
    • TDIDT handouts (3) and (4) are not included in the final exam. (The slides and concepts of TDIDT are included).
  • Neural Netwrks: 
    • Handouts (7) and (8) are not included in the final exam.

4 May 2013:

  •   : Data mining class on Sat.(10-12) will be cancelled because I've an aurgent meeting. Please attend the class Sat.(12-2)/Sun.(12-2).

  • سيتم إلغاء محاضرة  Data Mining غدا من 10-12 وذلك لاجتماع هام في العمادة، أرجو من الطالبات الحضور مع أي مجموعة أخرى: السبت(12-2) أو الأحد(12-2)

3 May 2013:

  • : Kindly note that if you do not attend your quizzes, I will consider your mark 0, and will calculate the average of all!

  • NN Quiz will be held during your lab classes as follows:
               - Ms. Mubarakah ==> Sunday (8-10), Monday (8-10)
               - Ms. Ameera ==> Monday (8-10)
    Please attend any of these classes even if you are from other groups.

  • DM Quiz will be held during your lab classes as follows:
               - Ms. Mubarakah ==> Tuesday (8-10)
               - Ms. Shameem ==> Tuesday (10-12)
               - Ms. Ameera ==> Saturday (10-12) and Sunday (10-12)
    Please attend any of these classes even if you are from other groups.

  • #501422NN Your NN quiz will be held during your lab lectures..

  • #501422NN #501445DM Classes on Saturday and Sunday will be cancelled as I have to attend a workshop in another campus. Replacement classes are as follows:

    • Monday 1-2 DM

    • Wednesday 1-2 DM, 3-4 NN, 5-6 NN

    • Attendance is compulsory at any time suitable for you.

16 April 2013:

  • Please evaluate your courses   via the University Edugate. You will not see your results unlesss you complete this evaluation.

  • طالباتي العزيزات: الرجاء منكن تقييم مقرراتكن وذلك من خلال المنظومة الجامعية وأرجو أن يكون التقييم بموضوعية وشفافية. علما أنه سوف تحجب نتيجة المقرر الذي لاتقوم الطالبة بتقييميه

5 April 2013:

  • Classes of   on Saturday and Sunday 6-7 April will be cancelled. Please inform your friends.

28 March 2013:

  • Best Answer of Question 10 & distinguished papers in  #501422NN : Afnan Althobaiti (243), Wajd Algashmari (243), Reem Alobailan (266), and Amal Alazwari (212).  

  • Best answers in Neural Networks (section 266) in  #501422NN : Reem Alobailan, Fatima Faya, Tahani Alqarni, Roaa Alsofyani, Nora Alharthi, Bashayer Alotaibi, Wejdan Althobaiti  

  • Best answers in Neural Networks (section 212) in  #501422NN : Fatimah Alsayad, Maryam Kabi, Kholoud Ayed, Samar Alotaibi, Anwar Alghamdi, Fairooz Althobaiti, Abeer Al-lilah, Monira Almalki, Sara Alhussini  

  • Best answers in Neural Networks (section 243) in  #501422NN : Afnan Althopity, Wajd Algashmari, Ameera Alharthi, Amal Alsofyani, Hanaa Alzaydi, Suhair Aljuid, Zahrah Aljohani, Fatimah Aljuid, Norah Alqethami, Bashayer Althaqafi, Afnan Alqurashi

28 March 2013:

  • *The following students, please email Dr. Salha Alzahrani your group members and selected DM project AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

    43002103 سلوى فالح عبدالله الحمياني
    43002758 مها بنت خضر بن حمدن الطويرقي
    43002975 أروى حسين إسماعيل وان لا
    42900341 نهى بنت جزاء بن عايض الجعيد العتيبي
    43001308 خوله عبيد الله ساعد الذويبي
    43001406 سمر محيل بن فلحان القثامي العتيبي
    43001464 بدور عابد عبدالله العصيمي
    43001769 سارة عباد عبد الاله النمري
    43001885 عفاف محمد عبدالله الثمالي
    43002968 لمى بنت احمد بن حاسن الهذلي
    43003027 اسماء دخيل حسن السفياني
    42810347 شيماء بنت ضيف الله سعد مساعد المذكوري ال
    42900284 أفنان بنت صلاح بن صويلح الخالدي
    42910892 عفاف بنت دخيل الله بن عايض الحارثي
    43001835 ريم عبدالله بن صليح الطويرقي
    43002086 ابرار عواض بن محمد الحارثي
    43002341 نجوى عبيد عبيد المالكي
    43002440 نوف احمد عبد العزيز الحازمي
    43003378 نوره بنت نوار بن فهيد العتيبي

26 March 2013:

5 March 2013:

  • Dear students, tomorrow we will conduct a workshop on "How to write your research papers" at Garwa campus. Don't miss this important event  

14 February 2013:

  • Neural Networks and Elective-2 (Data Mining): Dear students at #501445DM and #501422NN, please prepare your course portfolios for both courses. I will check them next week.

29 January 2013:

  • Neural Networks and Elective-2 (Data Mining):
    • Welcome to my courses in this Spring 2013! I wish you will enjoy them.
      • Data Mining course website            Course hashtag #501445DM
      • Neural Networks course website      Course hashtag #501422NN
  • Students who did not attend the classes in the first week, find the syllabus, lecture slides, and other info. on the course website.


21 December 2012:

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS:
    • Please make the necessary amendments on your presentation slides as I emailed to each group.
    • Submit the hardcopy of your project reports (documentation) to me at my office from 7:30am-8:00am, or come to the Lab 522 from 8:00am-2:00pm.
    • Print your slides (2 slides/paper, or 4 slides/paper) and distribute to your evaluators before you start the presentation.
    • Speak in English!!
    • Practice your role in the presentation so you can talk with confidence!!
    • I will send you some of the expected questions for evaluation so be prepared and ready!

18 December 2012:

8 December 2012:

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: Please write your project reports and use EndNote for your references. The STRUCTURE should be as follows:

      For more details, please take a look at the Project Documentation Guidelines

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: For the groups who will distribute questionnaire, you need to VALIDATE YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE. Please follow the guidelines that I emailed to you!
  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: Please email me your project reports and presentation slides before the following deadlines:
    • Project reports due: 12th Dec. 2012 (28/1/1434H)
    • Presentation slides due : 16th Dec. 2012 (3/2/1434H)
    • Questionnaire validation due: 11th Dec. 2012 (27/1/1434H)
    • Questionnaire distrubution/data collection/ data analysis due: 15th Dec. 2012 (2/2/1434H)

3 December 2012:

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: Kindly have a look at the EndNote tutorial. We will discuss using the EndNote as a reference management system in your project reports. Please print the slides and the EndNote tutorial, and bring them with you in our meeting tomorrow inshaaAllah!

30 November 2012:

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: Guidelines on How to Write Your Project Reports by Dr. Salha Alzahrani. Download Slides
  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: You need to use a reference management software for writing references in your report. Please download EndNote and install it on your computer. We will have a simple tutorial on how to use EndNote for managing your references.
  • If you are self-starter and self-learner, then you may see this video to learn how to use EndNote!

23 November 2012:

  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: All students who are taking the graduation project with Dr. Amira Ashour and have not met me yet, please come to my office urgently during the office hours.
  • Capstone Project (1)- CS: To all groups, please email me the following:
    • Project abstract in Microsoft Word. I will review it and write the comments on the same document.
    • Project proposal according to the template.
    • Progress report.
    • Your presentation slides as in our last meeting.
  • My schedule: Please check my schedule and office hours here:
  • Books in my library: I have a number of new books which I brought from Malaysia this year. Please check the list here: Do not hesitate to email me at to request any book.
  • For any enquires: Please contact me through or Please do not send to both!

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