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It has been a great opportunity to attend Cisco Academia during my studies at the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). The major good points in Cisco Certificated Networking Associate are not only the certification but also the lab exercises, weekly assessments, and online materials with colorful animated images, flashes and videos.

Important Downloads !

Cisco Configuration Maker v.2.6.006
Packet Tracer v.4.11
Packet Tracer Tutorials

CCNA-1: Networking Basics

Ch.1 Introduction to Networking
Ch.2 Networking Fundamentals: Terminology, Bandwidth, Models
Ch.3 Networking Media
Ch.4 Cable Testing
Ch.5 Cabling LANs and WANs
Ch.6 Ethernet Fundamentals
Ch.7 Ethernet Technologies
Ch.8 Ethernet Switching: Collision domains and broadcast domains
Ch.9 TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing
Ch.10 Routing Fundamentals and Subnets
Ch.11 TCP/IP Transport and Application Layers
CCNA Laboratory Students Lab Manual

CCNA-2 Exploration: Routing Protocols & Concepts

Ch.1 Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding
Ch.2 Static Routing
Ch.3 Introduction to Dynamic Routing Protocol
Ch.4 Distance Vector Routing Protocols
Ch.5 RIP version 1
Ch.6 VLSM and CIDR
Ch.7 RIPv2
Ch.8 The Routing Table: A Closer Look
Ch.10 Link-State Routing Protocols
Ch.11 OSPF
CCNA Laboratory Students Lab Manual

Certificates that I recieved from Cisco Academy - UTM:

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