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Fundamentals of Databases

 Course hashtag #fundamentals_db


  • Dear Students: Download the lecture notes and the worksheet for this week and next one
  • Print your notes and worksheet
  • Bring along with you in the class.

~Course Information:

Course Format

Lecture Time/Venue

Course Website

Lectures: 28/Section

Lab: 28/Section

Sunday (8-10) @Room 7203
Sunday (10-12) @Room 7203


~Course Schedule:




Lab Exercise(s)


Week 9

Fundamentals of Databases | Recab of topics so far…

The Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus - Part I



Worksheet on Relational Algebra  
Week 10 The Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus - Part II Slides_Algbera_II Worksheet_Mapping ER to Relational Schema  
Week 11        
Week 12        
Week 13        
Week 14        

Important Downloads:

Academic vocabulary list 
Databases glossary


Main Textbook:,_6th_Edition.pdf


~Course Policies:


it is compulsory for students to attend at least 75% of the whole time allocated to the course. More than four (4) unjustified absences will make you ineligible for the course.

Class Contribution

students are expected to read ethical case studies in computing and be prepared for a class discussion every week.


students are informed about the date of their quizzes. Check the above course schedule to see when a quiz is due.

Mid-terms and Finals

exams are closed books. Students who did not attend the mid-term due to exceptional situations (e.g., medical emergency) will see their mid-term result calculated from their final. 0.75 * Final exam mark will be used as their mid-term result.


student caught cheating will be awarded a 0 in the exam and may be subject to university disciplinary actions.


students with disability need to approach the course instructor so that commodities will be put in place to assist them. This is done in a personal and confidential manner.


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