Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Group 6

Project Overview

Mission and Scope

What problem does this project address?
This project addresses the problem of autonomous vehicles. In this regard, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been chosen to fulfill the requirements of this project. We have proposed a novel UAV for search and rescue operations in a challenging urban areas populated with buildings and road structures.
What is the goal of this project?
This project aims to design UAV that has the capability of search and rescue operations. In this regard:
What is the scope of this project?
1 Mission Planning to set and plan new mission(s) in case of disasters such as hurricanes, tornados,
earthquakes ...etc
2 Navigation to define the location and navigate successfully to search and locate survivors.
3 Motion/Path Planning to define the path and plan trajectory movement of the UAV
4 Perception and Capture Control to capture information area map and detect survivor


What development methodology is being used?
Our methodology includes object-oriented analysis which has the inception and its elaboration shown below in the blocks diagram. As can be seen and mentioned before: the last two phases (Construction and Testing) are out of our scope in this project.
Where should a new team member start?
New team members should start coding and programming which is the Design/Construction phase and Testing phase shown in the above blocks diagram. A new team member could start probably after we finish the Inception and its Elaboration phases. 


We have completed defining functional and non-functional requirements and are currently working on adding more of the functionality to implement UAV for search and rescue purposes successfully. We have also finished designing the main Use Case and another seven Use Cases for seven subsystems. The next major milestone is to design Domain Models. After that we can continue our work on System Sequence Diagrams, UML Interaction Diagrams and UML Class Diagrams.

To keep track of the flow of our project work, please see status report (1) and status report (2).

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